Expert Opinion on Cheapest Days to Fly this Summer Vacation

The summer vacations are around the corner and if you‎ are already scared of the hectic work ahead to bag that bargain airfare, then it’s time to change the booking strategy. Yes, check out the best flight booking ideas to have hands on the lowest airfares and save your hard-earned bucks.

No one can deny the fact that when it comes to a trip in summer, the primary factor that hinders all of our plans is the budget estimation. In fact, most of the times, our budget exceeds the limit and finally, we end up dropping our plans! Well, if budget is bothering your upcoming summer vacation, think again as there is a myriad list of cheapest days to fly this summer.

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Based on the research, we are providing the list of cheapest days to book air tickets and fly away this summer season.

Avoid booking flight tickets on weekends. Because most of the people find it suitable to purchase tickets since they are busy on weekdays. So the main question here is; when is it convenient to buy an airline ticket? According to travel experts and survey, buying a flight ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday can land you the best deal.

Airfares always tend to fluctuate all the time. However, if you are looking for best deals and discounts, then buy a flight ticket on Tuesday. Some major online travel websites like launch sales for discounted seats on Monday night, and many other announce the discounts on Tuesday morning. These discounts expire by the end of the week (mostly Thursday or Friday).

Tips for travelers:

Don’t fly on Sunday. It’s the most expensive day of the week to fly.

Do fly on Tuesday or Wednesday. You’ll save an average of about $90 on your air tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Take Red-eye flight – May be a bit inconvenient, but over night flights are cheaper than day time flights.

In the case of few destinations, booking far in advance is the best option. For example, if you’re flying to Europe, 30 days ahead is the right time to book saving you up to 66% on the cost of a ticket. However, for the US and Canada, 51 days ahead is the best time.

Holidays are family and fun time and when combined with some savings by booking cheapest flight tickets, it becomes merrier. So, go ahead, now, you know the trick to cut down on travel expenses for upcoming summer vacation trip.

Happy Vacations!!!!!!


Top 5 Places to Go for a Vacation in May

Probably, the month May must be your favorite because it’s vacation time and family fun time. Few countries shiver with winter season while some other sleep in balmy nights as the summer season gets on. So, people intend to escape their unstable weather conditions and enjoy somewhere where the weather is pleasant and they get quality time to spend with family. So, this May go to your favorite place and bring out the hidden wanderlust in you.

Now, you must be puzzled with a question ‘Where to go?’ There’s a bucket list of travel destinations to spend your time during May. Just pick a place, pack your bags and fly. However, there are few places which deserve a special mention. Here’s listing out the top vacation spots for May holidays.

Bali, Indonesia

The Indonesian island, Bali is one of my most favorite holiday destinations. Adventure lovers and nature lovers will surely fall in love with its white and clear beaches which are ideal for water activities and outdoor adventures. So, it’s time to wear your favorite shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Lastly, get rejuvenated at one of Bali’s many luxury spas.

London, United Kingdom

You may have visited London several times but, there’s always some more to this beautiful city. You can find many things to do and see. London is such an overwhelming destination. One must include major sights like Tower of London, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace in their itinerary. Find the best of London on your own and have lifetime lovely experiences.

Lille, France

Lille is a historical and architectural feast to the history lovers. Lille has transformed into a cultural and commercial hub lately. It is famous for its old town feature with Flemish accent, art museums, shopping, dining, and student-driven nightlife.


Malta is a European island — a home for the medieval town, pristine beaches, classical temples, and Maltese vineyards. Beat the crowds in May to get refreshed at the beach shores. Don’t miss Gozo private tour and hear stories of Homer’s.

West Bengal and Sikkim, India

Beat the summer in India’s own Switzerland; travel to Sikkim. Sikkim is a fabulous destination in the month of May. Visit Lake Tsomgo, Yumthang Valley, Nathu La, glaciers near the Himalayas and experience splendid time with the breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Now you know where to go for a memorable fun-filled family vacation. We may travel for distraction but we all come back with priceless memories. Nothing can substitute memories. Keep travelling this May!

Happy Traveling!
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Top 5 Smart Tips for Budget Online Travel Bookings

Booking hotels or flight tickets is easy and simple, but cracking a cheap deal isn’t. Online travel sites offer affordable prices from booking a hotel to finding cheapest flight tickets to more economical and customized packages. If you’re planning a holiday trip, it always feels great when you get cheaper options and exclusive deals.


There are few tricks and tips to get cheap flights tickets and hotel discounts. Here are a few tips on online travel booking that’ll help you get the best deals for your next vacation!

1.Avoid Weekends

Booking hotels and air tickets are the cheapest around the mid-week, whereas Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the busiest travel days. If you’re seeking to grab best deals and discounts on hotel rooms and flight tickets, try to get the itinerary for weekdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays flights are the cheapest.

2.Plan your Travel Date In Advance

Sure about your travel dates? Yes! Then book your flight tickets at discounted and cheap rates 1 or 2 months in advance. Remember, 51 days is the thumb rule to get cheap flight ticket bookings. For hotels, try to get reservations done online instead of getting one done after arriving at destinations. Online travel bookings often are budget friendly and also come with exclusive exciting discounts.

3.Avoid Peak Season Travel

If you can avoid it, don’t travel during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year, or during Summer holidays. If really need to travel, get flight tickets and hotel bookings done 2 months earlier. Travel off-season and you will definitely better bargains. The best thing is flights and hotels will be cheaper and your destination less crowded during off season.

4.Fly In-direct

 If want to save money and don’t have any time constraints, then book a flight with a stop-over. Rehlat allows you to search for the stop over and direct flights. The multi-city flight search would allow you to have a detailed itinerary with holidays at multiple destinations planned in one go.

5.Mix and match your flights

The flexible and detailed search tool of Rehlat allows you to mix and match your airlines to get the best and lowest airfares and some of the best hotel bookings at discounted rates. You can save money by taking flights with different airlines or from different airports.

Booking hotels and flight tickets are now even easier and convenient on Rehlat with easy payment options. There’s a regular newsletter too to keep you updated about special discounts and offers. Sign up and share your budget holiday stories to your friends and family.