Expert Opinion on Cheapest Days to Fly this Summer Vacation

The summer vacations are around the corner and if you‎ are already scared of the hectic work ahead to bag that bargain airfare, then it’s time to change the booking strategy. Yes, check out the best flight booking ideas to have hands on the lowest airfares and save your hard-earned bucks.

No one can deny the fact that when it comes to a trip in summer, the primary factor that hinders all of our plans is the budget estimation. In fact, most of the times, our budget exceeds the limit and finally, we end up dropping our plans! Well, if budget is bothering your upcoming summer vacation, think again as there is a myriad list of cheapest days to fly this summer.

summer vacation

Based on the research, we are providing the list of cheapest days to book air tickets and fly away this summer season.

Avoid booking flight tickets on weekends. Because most of the people find it suitable to purchase tickets since they are busy on weekdays. So the main question here is; when is it convenient to buy an airline ticket? According to travel experts and survey, buying a flight ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday can land you the best deal.

Airfares always tend to fluctuate all the time. However, if you are looking for best deals and discounts, then buy a flight ticket on Tuesday. Some major online travel websites like launch sales for discounted seats on Monday night, and many other announce the discounts on Tuesday morning. These discounts expire by the end of the week (mostly Thursday or Friday).

Tips for travelers:

Don’t fly on Sunday. It’s the most expensive day of the week to fly.

Do fly on Tuesday or Wednesday. You’ll save an average of about $90 on your air tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Take Red-eye flight – May be a bit inconvenient, but over night flights are cheaper than day time flights.

In the case of few destinations, booking far in advance is the best option. For example, if you’re flying to Europe, 30 days ahead is the right time to book saving you up to 66% on the cost of a ticket. However, for the US and Canada, 51 days ahead is the best time.

Holidays are family and fun time and when combined with some savings by booking cheapest flight tickets, it becomes merrier. So, go ahead, now, you know the trick to cut down on travel expenses for upcoming summer vacation trip.

Happy Vacations!!!!!!