Top 5 Movies from Middle East that Flame Your Travel Instinct

Travel is fun, inspiring, and exciting! We all know that but often tend to forget. This is when the movies come into our rescue and remind us that. Every movie industry has done that from time immemorial to inspire people to pack their bags and go somewhere, anywhere, and everywhere. From Indian subcontinent you have movies like Queen, ZIndagi Na MilegiDobara, etc while from Hollywood you have movies like The Bucket List, Into the Wild, etc that have been the travel inspiration for years. Middle Eastern movie industry is no different. Here listing you the Top 5 movies from Middle East that are travel inspiration for today, tomorrow, and always.

Captain Abu Raed – A Synopsis

This is a Jordanian film directed in 2007 that narrates the life of a lonely airport janitor. One day he founds a pilot’s hat and local children ask him for stories of his adventures. The children thought him for a captainmistakenly. Through his stories, children and Abu Raedlearnedthe powers of dreams even in the poverty. The story focuses on friendship rather than religious matters.

The Fall

This film was set in 1920s in Los Angeles, and illustrates an injured Hollywood stuntman and a young Romanian girl who were recovering in the same hospital. The injured man tellsa fantastical story for the girl, but in the storytelling process, the line between reality and fictioncoincides. The impressive scenes were filmed in over 20 countries, especially Middle Eastern nations. The particular shots in Istanbul demonstrate the architecture andart of the region.

Children of Heaven

The film was releasedin 1997in Iran. The story centers on a brother and sister who growing up in the poverty. The story demonstrates the heart-warmth of family love. They have only one pair of shoes each and the brother loses sister’s shoes when he is collecting fromcobbler. They decided to share his shoes till they buy shoes for sister.

Anlat İstanbul (Istanbul Tales)

Anlat İstanbul named as ‘Istanbul Tales’ in English and released in 2005. The film highlights the beauty of Istanbul and it is a series of interweaving stories by 5 directors. It illustrates the magic of Istanbul by fairy tale stories like Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper, and Cinderella to modern day city. The film has received awards at the Istanbul International Turkish Film Festival.

Color of Paradise

The award-winning movie was directed by Majid Majidi in 1999. The film is about a young blind boy called Mohammed, who was sent away from the love by his father to neighboring town to apprentice in carpentry. The film shows stunning visual views of Iran and provokes you to travel Iran once in a lifetime.

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Top 5 Smart Tips for Budget Online Travel Bookings

Booking hotels or flight tickets is easy and simple, but cracking a cheap deal isn’t. Online travel sites offer affordable prices from booking a hotel to finding cheapest flight tickets to more economical and customized packages. If you’re planning a holiday trip, it always feels great when you get cheaper options and exclusive deals.


There are few tricks and tips to get cheap flights tickets and hotel discounts. Here are a few tips on online travel booking that’ll help you get the best deals for your next vacation!

1.Avoid Weekends

Booking hotels and air tickets are the cheapest around the mid-week, whereas Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the busiest travel days. If you’re seeking to grab best deals and discounts on hotel rooms and flight tickets, try to get the itinerary for weekdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays flights are the cheapest.

2.Plan your Travel Date In Advance

Sure about your travel dates? Yes! Then book your flight tickets at discounted and cheap rates 1 or 2 months in advance. Remember, 51 days is the thumb rule to get cheap flight ticket bookings. For hotels, try to get reservations done online instead of getting one done after arriving at destinations. Online travel bookings often are budget friendly and also come with exclusive exciting discounts.

3.Avoid Peak Season Travel

If you can avoid it, don’t travel during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year, or during Summer holidays. If really need to travel, get flight tickets and hotel bookings done 2 months earlier. Travel off-season and you will definitely better bargains. The best thing is flights and hotels will be cheaper and your destination less crowded during off season.

4.Fly In-direct

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5.Mix and match your flights

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Flynas named ‘ME’s Leading Low-Cost Airline’


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