Top 10 Airlines that are on Egypt’s Favorite Airlines List

Do you know the first airline from the Middle East region was from Egypt? Yes, EgyptAir was the first airline from the region to operate domestic flights. Today, Egypt’s sky is filled with domestic and international airlines. However, of all these, there are few airlines which have made the place in people’s heart with their services. Here’s a list of 10 airlines which have been on Egypt’s favorite airlines list from years and continue to do so. So what makes these 10 airlines Egypt’s favorite. Let’s find out.


EgyptAir is the national airline of Egypt. With its main hub at Cairo, the Egyptian airline travels from the city of Pyramids to over 70 destinations worldwide.


The distinguished amenities by EgyptAir are:

  • Home tag — baggage check in at home
  • Auto check in
  • Well-designed airport lounges with prayer room facilities
  • Egypt Air Plus — the airline’s frequent flyer program for loyal travelers
  • Travel guide for home country Egypt

Qatar Airways

Qatar airways is one of the youngest airlines but its achievement has been big. Established in 1997, the airline is the national flag carrier of Qatar. The airline recently had offered free tabs and laptops on its US flights, after the electronics ban imposition by US government. This kind of unique service makes the airline one of Egypt’s favorite airline.

Qatar Airways amenities that spell class are:

  • Special offer and services for senior citizens
  • Qmiles — flying rewards for frequent traveler
  • Avail rent a car option
  • Free Wi-Fi on-board
  • Complimentary food and beverages

Turkish Airlines

The national airline of Turkey was established in 1933 and since has been ruling the skies with its extraordinary services. Turkish Airlines offers services like

  • Free access to airport lounges
  • WiFi on board
  • Onboard chef prepared meals. Service is referred as “Flying Chef”
  • Personal USB and Ethernet jack for every individual seat
  • Miles & Smiles for frequent flyers


The largest airline in Europe has its main base in Germany. It’s unique services and the wide spread destination network has made it a hot favorite airline in Egypt.

A look into amenities and services by the European airline:

  • Check in option on mobile, online, and also prior check in for late night flights
  • Private jets for people who want privacy
  • Free food and beverages on-board
  • Free Wi-Fi

British Airways

British Airways is UK airline but is Egypt’s favorite airline because of its offers year-round low fares to destinations across the world.

What makes BA click among the Egyptian travellers?

  • Lounges and spa (at few airports)
  • Pets travel
  • Seat reservation and selection before boarding
  • Responsible flying with environmental care
  • Auto check in terminals (Heathrow Airport)
  • Special arrangements for family and group travel


Emirates is the favorite airline of the world not only Egypt. The Dubai based airline recently received the Best Airline in the World recognition in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for Airlines 2017. The services that make Emirates the best are:

  • On-board 5-star lounges
  • Private Suites
  • Shower Spas
  • In-flight Wi-Fi
  • Tablet loan service for US-bound First and Business Class customers

Etihad Airways

Etihad, the national airline of UAE started its operation just 14 years back in 2003 but now holds the top fort in being people’s favorite airline in Egypt and across the world. Etihad is special because:

  • Cares for its guests, provides Free Wi-Fi and iPads for the US bound Premium guests after Electronics ban
  • Special travel class called “The Residence” with individual room, spa, and fresh rooms
  • 3 course 5-star food and beverages across travel classes

Air France

Air France or AIRFRANCE is the airline from the beautiful European country France, established in 1933. It has win hearts of people in Egypt with its extra-ordinary service on its flights.

  • A la carte menu on long haul flights for all travel classes
  • LA PREMIÈRE Experience — A unique travel class
  • SkyPriority for frequent flyers

Aegean Airlines

Greece’s largest airline and a member of Star Alliance, Aegean covers 145 destinations worldwide — 112 international in 40 countries and 33 domestic. The airline gets a special place in Egypt’s favorite airline line list for it’s:

  • Airport transfers
  • Lounges that define class and comfort
  • Track & Trace feature — updates live about your checked in luggage


Alitalia brings to the world the values, culture, tradition, and treasures of Italy, its home country. It has been at the forefront of airlines with its awesome services like:

  • Connectivity on-board with Free Wi-Fi
  • On-board boutique
  • Electronic devices

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